International Humanistic Psychology Association  is a professional NonGovernmental Organization dedicated to addressing psycho-social issues and suffering in the global community. We are grounded in a commitment to putting humanistic psychology principles and compassion to work in the world to improve the human condition through co-creating holistic, multicultural mechanisms for nurturing fundamental human dignity and worth that strengthens current and future generations; and in this way to nurture a culture of peace.

IHPA’s focus is on

  • – local capacity building through increasing skills, service systems, and awareness for humanitarian aid needs at both the grass roots and social institutional level in regions of conflict and turmoil,
  • – development of holistic, culturally sensitive models for treating communal trauma and transforming conflict,
  • and exploration of underlying dynamics and dimensions of trauma, the energy of fear, and conflict.


Help Us Heal the Wounds of War and Violence
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We are a 100% donor supported and volunteer run humanitarian relief organization.  All donations go directly to support our disaster health care field clinics, trauma skills training to local aid workers, rehabilitation services to refugees, and service supplies to assist most vulnerable refugee children and their families in Jordan and Lebanon.