Putting Humanistic Psychology Principles into Practice in the World Addressing Human Needs Globally

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International Humanistic Psychology Association
is an international professional association serving humanistic psychology practitioners, theorists, researchers, students, and activists worldwide in addressing psycho-social issues of the global community.

OUR MISSION is to promote, advance, and broaden the art and science of Humanistic Psychology within a global, multicultural context for the purpose of putting humanistic principles and compassion to work in the world to improve psycho-social conditions, address suffering in the human condition, and construct effective, holistic mechanisms for self determination, self esteem, and fundamental human dignity and worth to strengthen current and future generations. In this way to nurture a culture of peace.

We are grounded in a commitment to positive human potential, and to local humanitarian capacity building at both the grass roots and social institutional level, with a focus on increasing awareness, skills, and services, exploration of human relationship dynamics, and expanding direct public engagement and compassionate dialogue on critical issues that effect our common human condition.