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   The Mission:

The mission of the International Humanistic Psychology Association (IHPA) is to promote, advance, and broaden the art and science of Humanistic Psychology within a global, multicultural context for the purpose of putting humanistic principles and compassion to work in the world to improve psycho-social conditions, address suffering in the human condition, and construct effective, holistic mechanisms for self determination, self esteem, and fundamental human dignity and worth to strengthen current and future generations. In this way to nurture a culture of peace.

We are grounded in a commitment to positive human potential, and to local humanitarian capacity building at both the grass roots and social institutional level, with a focus on increasing awareness, skills, and services, exploration of human relationship dynamics, and expanding direct public engagement and compassionate dialogue on critical issues that effect our common human condition.


An international professional mission driven organization for professionals focused on issues and developments in Humanistic Psychology, and psycho-social conditions of the global community. A web-based, open learning community for sharing deep exploration of vital issues and thinking, and for the development of methods and approaches in the field of Humanistic Psychology.


To develop and promote Humanistic Psychology in the field internationally, to advocate for humanistic approaches, practices, and principles, and to offer humanistic professionals a forum and vehicle to share and develop their skills, explorations, experience, and orientation. This can include professional development, training, research, networking, expanding opportunities for collaborating with other professional organizations, etc. To engage in activism to put humanistic principles to work in the world to address the key issues of our day.


  • Professionals and Students in psychology, mental health diciplines, human services, and related fields in search of a humanistically oriented and global association.
  • Anyone who ascribes to the principles of Humanistic Psychology and a belief in the positive potential of all human beings.

     IHPA offers opportunities for networking, cooperating, and
            collaborating with colleagues around the world through:

Capacity Building Training Projects
Professional Collaboration
Professional Development
Dialogues and Networking
Publications and Resources


IHPA is a full Partner and Co-Sponsor in holding events and trainings listed here that advance our mission and benefit our associates:   

   7th Annual International Conference on
"Engaging The OTHER": The Power of Compassion

        May 3-5 , 2013 ~ Dearborn, Michigan USA

     Co-Sponsored by: Common Bond Institute (CBI), IHPA, People's Peace Fund
                                        and Michigan State University
          On-Site Video Interviews and Proceedings
         Official partner of: Parliament of World's Religions and Charter for Compassion

    2nd Annual International Professional Conference on
      Transgenerational Trauma:
Communal Wounds and Victim Identities
Fall, 2013, Amman, Jordan
A focused dialogue and deliberation on the dynamics of inherited,
        unresolved communal trauma from one generation to the next,
        including historical understandings, communal victim identitites,
        implications for present and future relations between communities
       - particularly war and violence, and the development of new models
       and methodologies for healing and preventing communal trauma
       and it's transfer into future generations.

                                          ~ Watch for Details
Co-Sponsored by:  Common Bond Institute (CBI), IHPA,
                                       International Federation of Medical Students' Associations
          Official partner of: Parliament of World's Religions and Charter for Compassion

   5th Annual International Conference on
      Religion, Conflict, and Peace:

Walking The Talk To Compassion and Harmony
         March 23-25, 2012
~ Henry Ford Community College,
         Dearborn, Michigan, USA

        Co-Sponsored by:
           Common Bond Institute (CBI), IHPA, Henry Ford Community College,           
          People's Peace Fund, Parashakthi Temple           
          Endorsed by:
          Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan
          and over 100 universities and organizations internationally
          Official partner of: Parliament of World's Religions and Charter for Compassion

   Capacity Building Training Projects:

IHPA is a full Partner and Co-Sponsor of these humanitarian projects:


    Professional Collaboration

Opportunities to collaborate with other colleagues and professional organization on projects, research, publications, etc. (including archiving the work and accomplishments of Humanistic Psychology)

    Professional Development

Cooperating with other organizations to offer educational and training programs and seminars - both on-site and web-based - for both experienced professionals and undergraduate/graduate students.


Opportunities to share research and studies, as well as collaborate on mutual research

      Global Network for the Study of Transgenerational Trauma
               Sponsored by:
                 Common Bond Institute (CBI)
                 International Humanistic Psychology Association (IHPA)
               In cooperation with:
  International Federation of Medical Students' Associations

    Publications and Resources:

  • Virtual Journal
  • Virtual Newsletter
  • Articles on Current Issues in the field
  • Virtual Resource Library
  • Global Networking list of individuals, organizations, and related projects
  • Links with Other Professional Journals and Publications

    Dialogues and Networking

Vital international dialogues on pressing issues of psycho-social conditions, consciousness, the current and evolving state of humanistic psychology locally and globally, etc.

By utilizing the feature, IHPA participants can form threaded Topical Groups for focused discussions and interaction. Some examples might include: peace psychology and conflict transformation, trauma treatment, the current state of Humanistic Psychology, cross-cultural communications and relations, international issues, diversity, stereotypes and prejudice, refugees, prisons and restorative justice, violence, society, ecopsychology, globalization, gender, education, families and children, consciousness and intuition, etc.

The formation of new topic groups is encouraged.

We invite you to be part of this global alliance and join colleagues worldwide in dynamic dialogues, explorations, research, and collaborations, as we promote and advance the field of Humanistic Psychology in addressing our shared human condition.

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