About IHPA…

International Humanistic Psychology Association (IHPA) is an international professional mission driven organization for professionals focused on issues and developments in Humanistic Psychology, and psycho-social conditions of the global community. We are a web-based, open learning community, sharing deep exploration of vital issues and thinking, and the development of methods and approaches in the field of Humanistic Psychology.

OUR PURPOSE is to develop and promote Humanistic Psychology in the field internationally, to advocate for humanistic approaches, practices, and principles, and to offer professionals a forum and vehicle to share and develop their skills, explorations, experience, and orientation. This includes professional development, training, research, networking, expanding opportunities for collaborating with other professional organizations, etc. We also strive to advocate for others and to put humanistic principles to work in the world to address the key issues of our day. 

OUR GOAL is to support professionals and students in psychology, mental health disciplines, human services, and related fields in search of a humanistically oriented and global association.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to help us provide local capacity building and life-saving trauma healing to the most vulnerable.

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