Appeal For Support

Healing Trauma for Thousands of

Refugee Children

We are making an immediate, concrete impact on healing the lives of thousands of refugee children in the Jordan.

Will you join us by making a tax deductible donation in any amount to ensure this continues?

In any war or conflict, it is the children who are the most vulnerable and devastated.

Currently 7 million+ Syrians have fled and are displaced outside of Syria, many escaping with little more than the clothes on their backs.

Over 1/2 of these refugees are children – the largest and fastest growing number of victims in the 8 year Syrian conflict, with most under the age of 11.
Women are the 2nd largest group.

After witnessing horrific violence and cruelty inflicted on loved ones, or on themselves, many are severely traumatized and suffer from depression, withdrawal, regression, chronic anxiety, panic attacks, and constant nightmares. At the same time that this profound trauma is daily becoming more embedded in each of their young lives, treatment services are seriously undeveloped or nonexistent in the region.

Left unhealed these wounds will likely carry into future lives of despair and debilitation. …But if treatment is received – now – an entirely different future is already proving to be possible.

As one example, When we first began our services at a residential center we are developing in Amman, Jordan – where all 40 apartments are filled with refugee widows and their young children, as strangers we were met with caution and at times fear by the children. Over the course of gently using interactive play, expressive art therapy, compassionate touch, and trauma release methods the children were able to feel secure enough to begin allowing themselves to be more supported in expressing and releasing their trauma. The amount of relief they were able to experience made room for more moments of spontaneity and genuine joy. You can see it in their eyes.

Truly sustained trauma recovery takes time; but evidence of a child’s possible resilience – when healing comes in time – is regularly demonstrated in our work, and only underlines the urgency of reaching as many children as quickly as possible to help them heal from a shattering experience and regain the security, trust, and joy in their lives.

Our dedicated team of volunteer therapists has been working in Jordan since 2011 to help heal a whole generation of Syrian refugee children from the deep and life draining trauma of violence and profound loss, and rebuild devastated families.

Through our Social Health Care (SHC) Program we conduct disaster health care field clinics, create community-based psycho-social service centers, provided life affirming experiences of renewal and hope, and train a growing pool of local psycho-social therapists within the community itself in emergency trauma recovery skills to ensure these services are sustained and continue to grow as quickly as possible.

We are able to keep providing this life saving service through the help and support of those who contribute tax deductible donations.

Whether a donation is for $5 or $5,000, every amount completely goes into the direct service to result in an immediate and concrete impact on the lives and healing of these children.

International Humanistic Psychology Association (IHPA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that has provided trauma treatment and training programs in various regions of war and conflict for more than two decades. All donations are tax deductible. More details can be found at our Service Programs.

The need is truly great, and there is also still time to ensure healing can take place for these most vulnerable of victims, if we act now.

Thank you for any amount you can offer to help make this possible.


Steve Olweean

Contact information:  /  1-269-665-9393