International Conference on Refugee Crisis in Europe and the Middle East: Sharing Tools For Humanitarian Response

November 1-3, 2016 ~ Freiburg, Germany

This conference is programmatically linked with the 5th Annual International Conference on Transgenerational Trauma held in Amman, Jordan immediately before.


A 3-day international working conference bringing together key stakeholders working with refugees to address:

  • Immediate psycho-social treatment needs of refugees arriving traumatized by the war, violence, and exodus.
  • Support needs of communities and societies receiving refugees.
  • Sharing practical, culturally sensitive service approaches and lessons learned – what is working, what is not working, and what needs to be done.
  • Formulating fact-based recommendations and guidelines endorsed by the full conference to provide public policy makers for increased effectiveness in responding to the multiple needs of refugees.
  • Networking to promote an international and cross-cultural professionalnetwork of humanitarian organizations and groups addressing the refugee crisis in Europe and the Middle East for mutual support, shared learning, and cooperation.
  • Launching a German-Jordanian Cross-Training project: a bi-regional response and collaboration between German and Jordanian mental health professional groups to improve the effectiveness of culturally adapted psycho-social treatment services to the refugee population in each country.
  • Dynamics of trauma and displacement in the individual and community.


Sponsored by: Common Bond Institute (CBI),
Michigan State University (MSU),
Friends of Asylum in Freiburg,
City of Freiburg Office for Migration and Integration, and
International Humanistic Psychology Association (IHPA)


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